In 2009, after successfully building Jajah, it was clear what had to be done: The main threat – and unsolved problem – for the entire online industry is the lack of an airtight user authentification system. Based on a patent from two engineers from Israel, Daniel Mattes went on to disrupt the ID verification market and incorporated Jumio. Backed with an $25M investment from tier-1 venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, the company launched NetSwipe and NetVerify, two solutions using the mobile phone’s camera to scan ID cards, passports or credit cards, matching the ID picture with the real face of the user, using AI based biometrical analytics and liveliness detection to accurately verify and identify a user.

Daniel built Jumio until 2014, until when they had won customers from around the world like AirBnb, United Airlines, Easyjet and many others with its verification services.