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August 4, 2022: Medium
Bio-Inspired Computing: With Moore’s law coming to an end, and, with it, the digital age, alternative novel computing systems have to be explored. Physical systems and processes, just like biological ones, can inspire the design of computer algorithms.

September 23, 2019: New Book Release
IP Assets: An Awakening in the Market?: Intangible assets increase to 84% of the S&P 500’s value. Learn how to exploit IP related stock market inefficiencies.

May 11, 2019: The Global AI Company Rally is Continuing: +30,02% in Q1/2019. What’s Next in AI?

Mar 29, 2019: AI-42 Market Intelligence: Research Finds Only 5.45% of AI Companies Have High AI Expertise

Feb 3, 2015: Jumio Launches New Netverify Features For Reliable Authentication And ID Scanning

Feb 21, 2013: Jumio uses mobile camera to verify IDs

Aug 16, 2012: Jumio launches enhanced SDK to help iOS app makers take credit card payments more swiftly

Mar 7, 2012: How Jumio’s Daniel Mattes Raised $25 Million

July 26, 2011: Jumio takes on PayPal, Square with breakthrough payments technology

Oct 26, 2010: Jajah launches Facebook voice call app for Blackberry

Dec 23, 2009: Jajah bought by Telefónica for $207m

Apr 29, 2008: Jajah Telephony Lands Yahoo as First Client

Nov 5, 2007: Listen to Ads, Earn Minutes On Jajah